"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world!" - Nelson Mandela

Union High School

Union High School supports the Classical educational philosophy of a child active in all four spheres of development within the changing South African community - academic, physical, cultural and pastoral - and encourage the students to participate in all four developmental areas as widely as possible. The school offers a wide variety of activities in each of these spheres and students are encouraged both to participate and to excel.

StitchWise has for some time, and will for many years to come, worked hand-in-hand with Union School to assist their students wherever we are able to. Our company sees this school as an extention of our body.


In 1903, The Central Schools, which were government, were housed in buildings on the site where the present Police Station now stands. The school formed the nucleus for the High School for Boys, the High School for Girls and the Central School.

StitchWise is proud to be associated with Potchefstroom Central School. We have assisted numerous students, in many different aspects, and look to continue our ventures, well into the future.


Year after year, this traditional school with strong values has produced results that most schools could only envy.

Potchefstroom High School for Girls keeps producing strong, charasmatic and forward thinking ladies that go on to excel in every industry in South Africa and around the world.  Rooted in StitchWise, we belive in the empowerment of woman and have found that GHS Potchefstroom shares these beliefs and values.

As a company, we will continue to support and assist the school where possible.

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