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STITCHWISE Backfill Bags

Backfill Bags are manufactured from a uniquely woven geotextile. Every client has a different requirement and STITCHWISE’s experienced team is able to determine the most cost effective geotextile to be used in conjunction with the client’s slurry and support fill. Our geotextile backfill bags have varying percolation rates with various specifications.

STITCHWISE has been manufacturing backfill bags for more than two decades, and our precision and attention to details, allows for the ultimate support system.

Our backfill bags are used in underground mines around the country and parts of Africa. We have successfully supported the hanging wall (roof) of the deepest mine in the world for many years.

View this video to understand the technology behind the STITCHWISE underground mining support system


STITCHWISE Rock Grippa Safety Nets

Rock Grippa Safety Nets are manufactured to the highest standard. Our ability to produce a safety net to your specification has proved the test of time and led to countless mines making use of our STITCHWISE safety net.

3 ton webbing is used in our manufacturing process to ensure the ultimate product is used to retain and restrain large falling rocks and objects.

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